'unlock', drag and resize the chatbox (onto a second screen fe)

  • AND while we're at it...it would be nice to be able to 'unlock', drag and resize the chatbox (onto a second screen fe)

  • YES, I do agree.
    Figuring out the Chatbox AND the GAME LOG would bring the game to the NEXT LEVEL.

    1. Have the Chatbox and the Game Log separate, so that you can see both and have:
      a. The SOCIAL interactions - one of the upsides of playing with other players. Both for a good social experience and to negotiate trades.
      b. And ADVANCED gameplay - once you master the basics, it gets more interesting being able to track and guess other players' cards. This adds a depth for players to explore and will keep the advanced players interested. After you reach a certain level, there simply seems less challenge.

    2. Make the Gamelog:
      a. LONG - so that it is easier to review the game history. Right now, the scrolling is very bad. It jumps and you can easily loose track of how far back you are looking into.
      b. ADD NUMBERS OF TURNS in the log. So that you can see when the activity happened.

    3. Make it possible to COPY and PASTE text in the chat. Such a simple feature but would increase the social interaction. There are players from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Many times they don't speak English and copying/pasting between the game and Google Translate would make it easier to communicate. This would enrich the experience tremendously.

    ADMINS! Please do let us know that you saw this message! And hope you improve the game! It's a nice product, but it seems you have invested more in making it a bit fancy, leaving some good features behind. And there is more competing versions of Catan online!

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