• in the 'old' online version one can easily make an immediate counter offer...= a NICE feature

  • Something does need to be done here.... you ought to be able to counter-offer asking for "something more" or "something else"... or a way to signal what you be willing to accept in exchange for the thing being requested.

  • I agree. A counter-offer option is needed. Trading does take a bit longer get get right, if nobody accepts your trades. Instead of clicking the X and changing your trade offerings, your trade request gets reset and you have to re-configure your trades.

    Also, the finger motions on mobile phones to increment or decrement the trade quantity doesn't always register. May want to increase sensitivity for that.

  • Please add trade counter option, makes trading/ the game drag out with out it

  • Yeah, a counter-offer option is definatly needed in this game ! Trading is hard and something I'm ust to lazy to trade :/

  • +1 this current format of the game is awful. The trade interface being the primary thing - it is too large, you can't see your hand or the board with it displayed, and you can't make counter offers or ask for more? I didn't think they could possibly make the game worse, but bring back the old format play catan - at least it was playable. This is just awful.

  • yeah. i only wanted this new version to do ONE thing: not crash all of the time. no counter-trades? having to leave site of the board to check your hand? this is really bad, yall. I tried and tried. it didn't crash, but the game itself is flawed here. back to catan HD, sometimes, when it doesn't crash on my ipad. really bad programmers here.

  • My siblings and I agree, they like the counter trade offer.

    In fact, they won't play the new version, because of no counter trade offer... makes things faster.

    How else are you suppose to counter trade? Chatting, then proposing?

    I think when someone offers a trade, you can offer any alternative trade in return, and then they can offer an alternative trade etc...... then maybe you guys agree, and the trade happens.

  • @Administrator please.

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