• in the 'old' online version one can easily make an immediate counter offer...= a NICE feature

  • Something does need to be done here.... you ought to be able to counter-offer asking for "something more" or "something else"... or a way to signal what you be willing to accept in exchange for the thing being requested.

  • I agree. A counter-offer option is needed. Trading does take a bit longer get get right, if nobody accepts your trades. Instead of clicking the X and changing your trade offerings, your trade request gets reset and you have to re-configure your trades.

    Also, the finger motions on mobile phones to increment or decrement the trade quantity doesn't always register. May want to increase sensitivity for that.

  • Please add trade counter option, makes trading/ the game drag out with out it

  • Yeah, a counter-offer option is definatly needed in this game ! Trading is hard and something I'm ust to lazy to trade :/

  • +1 this current format of the game is awful. The trade interface being the primary thing - it is too large, you can't see your hand or the board with it displayed, and you can't make counter offers or ask for more? I didn't think they could possibly make the game worse, but bring back the old format play catan - at least it was playable. This is just awful.

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