lost karma

  • @administrators I've noticed that the last 3 days , i have dropped to two stars of karma from 4 , while I haven't quitted. Specifically , i have just won a game and I have dropped a star!Why?

  • @administrators I have just finished another game and now I am down to 1 star! Can u fix this? I don't know if you can check your archives or anything , but i haven't quit in any game for at least 4 days and my stars keep on falling! I will get zero stars if I play again!

  • administrators

    @katerinalda e just checked our data base. Have you logged out of the game (manually) an logged in again? You should then see the accurate Karma Level again.

  • Ok, now that I logged out and in again, I see the right stars. Though now I have another problem , since it won't let me play because I get a time out error again.

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