PAUSE CLOCK after my trade offer - till all opponents have replied

  • while trading (C&K) sometimes i need to make multiple offers before cashing in. opponents can now take a lot of your playtime away by just waiting with their responses or not responding at all. It leaves me with no time to buy what i need - and thus too many cards in my hand which i do not want to lose.

    if the timer would be stopped after i press the offer button (or 3 seconds after) untill all apponents have replied i think this part of the game would turn out a lot nicer.

    simple sollution to a nasty thing i think.


  • This has been asked a lot of times. Every time any good solution has been ignored. You are forced to play blitz-chess like version of Catan.

    The main problem is that if the timer stops, people would abuse it to make the game freeze forever. And it appears to actually be a problem. Since the karma system is honestly quite broken, there is no way to make game abusers isolated from the honorable players.

  • I agree. There may be no way around this issue in the Universe version of the game. Multi-card trades depend upon the integrity of your opponent. People like me love to trade and move on a trade offer as quickly as possible. Other people try to run out your clock by not responding. I just cut people off after 10 seconds if they have not responded or they have a history of running the clock when I offer a trade. It may seem rude to do that, but I think that most people understand why I do it.

  • @Stroom
    sorry but either i dont understand what you mean well, or you dont see what i mean well :)

    because....if my timer just stopts till your timer runs out...the problem is solved. You have a limmitted time for responding (while my timer will be paused) and after that my timer starts again...

  • You could basically spam the trade offers and annoy your opponents quite a long time. It takes you 1 second to spam the same trade offer and the opponents will have to decline each offer until you run out of time.

    As long as the game does not have a kick-vote, there are no good solutions to any timer problems.

  • Kick-vote is never a valid solution as it gets abused by those who are losing or who are playing together.

    Reporting a player allows the admins to look into the problem and decide for themselves if there were any actions that were not in the spirit of the game.

    As long as there are games there will be cheaters, people who get upset over losing, those who take advantage of timers, etc. It's an inevitable consequence of people, not the game.

  • The way vote-kick worked in PlayCatan was that when you run out of time, other players get the ability to vote you out. If you stay within time limits you are free to do whatever you want without losers intentionally kicking you out. And it worked very well.

    Yes, players will always find ways to abuse any kind of system. Your proposal just makes it much more frustrating when it happens. Reporting players does absolutely nothing with the current Karma system (everyone automatically gets max karma upon registration). When your karma is low or you get banned, you can just create a new user. Anyone who wants to play with reliable players can still be matched with "those" players. I had recommended that default karma should stat at lower level and more reliable players should have higher karma but this has not been implemented for 4-5 months. Changes do happen slowly. But it does seem that some good changes are ahead (Maybe the random map is going to be allowed for all players now! Or you can just invite friends into the same game with you, which is just... meh.)

    Still, as long as the game feels so anonymous, people are going to intentionally throw the games or stall to mess with other players. This is enforced by the matchmaker, AI substitutions (instead of players substituting to allow the game to complete naturally). I'd also say that Elo has a bad influence on players. Quite many reports of people playing on multiple accounts to boost the Elo of one account. And this will most likely get worse when iOS and Android get into the player pool. It is so much easier to close the app and do other things when you start losing. (So far I have been right about players hating several changes of the platform and I am 95% sure this will also happen.)

  • The kick out breaks Catan Universe for me. I am an experienced Catan player and I have just tried my first game properly on it but I will not be back for Settlers any time soon. I spent a while with my placement being the last player so double placement, one warning then whilst faffing around with the clumsy trade system it happened twice more. Waste of half an hour and I dont want to fight the interface to play. Rivals seems better but Settlers, forget it.

  • Just got removed from a game too. I successfully negotiated a trade after three declined offers, so it's not as though I was wasting time, but I timed out when I tried to complete a trade with the bank and build a settlement. Quite frustrating.

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