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  • Can you please give us the option for different game speeds? Some people like to take their time while others prefer a fast game. Can you give us the option to play the style of game we like?

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    u can not play faster if you have a lot of cards. This timer is optimal

  • I am not saying that if u have 15 cards i expect sb to play at once. I am talking about playing the base game , and someone has 3 cards and needs time. I don't judge ppl who need their time, I am just saying that there should be an option for those who enjoy fast games and those who need their time.

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    This is not real-time strategy. Think slow - win fast ))

  • I don't like slow games like many others. I don't ask for anyone to play as fast as I do . What I have asked is to have the option to play with players that enjoy a particular pace of the game. When I play with fast players the game lasts about 15 minutes , while in other cases we play for 40 minutes. I don't enjoy the game like this. If you like to take your time there should be an option for you too. The game can be played perfectly faster than spending 40 minutes waiting for someone with 3 or 4 cards to play. And I repeat, I only talk about the base game.

  • wish that was easy to do. form a guild is the only way i can think of to do that. or friend people and find a way to contact them to all sign on at the same time, but this last goes beyond my knowledge

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