Bot icon on me in the game!!!!

  • In the middle of the game i saw a timer of one of opponent - NOT ME!!!. After then shows 0 - i see a bot icon near my nick. After reconnect - no game and -10 ELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !@administrators

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    Was this an Auto-Match CaK First Island game? I see one in your game log from yesterday, but it shows you didn't loose any ELO. However there is currently a display error in the win screen after a player disconnects. This will be fixed in the next update.

  • @Administrator
    I played 2 games yesturday. Both an Auto-Match CaK First Island. Second game i won. But 1st game dissapeared after reconnect because of the bot icon. Elo points lost

  • Had the same problem yesterday and also lost ELO. I wrote to the support but no answer till now

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    To clarify and to make sure I forward this correctly to the development team:

    You saw a disconnect timer on one of your fellow players. When the timer reached 0, however you and not the player who initially disconnected were marked as AI replacement / bot? Then after trying to reconnect, you could not enter the match again.

  • Absolutely!

  • @Administrator yes, it was as you explained. I saw the timer on player PDX.... during he set his city and I told him via Chat that he should restart because the timer counts him but he didn`t. Than I set my city and as I have finished the timer on PDX... was 0 and the KI tooks my account. I lost 7 ELO -
    In the meantime the support answered me and they will check it

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    @Akinom @m4e

    Thanks for confirming this. I just spoke to the developers this afternoon and they have identified a network issue that might have caused this. It rarely happens, therefore it is hard to debug, but we'll include it in the next update this is currently in internal testing.

  • mmm... rare? This shit happend again right now!!

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