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    Hi Guys,

    I just upgraded my iPad to iOS 11 and now have discovered that the legacy Catan Rivals app no longer works!!!!! Help!!!!!!

    Please, please, please - when is the new Rivals iOS app scheduled to be released? I can't play Rivals at all now!


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    Regrettably the current “Rivals for Catan” app for iOS is no longer available on the App Store since August 1st. It is unfortunately not possible to update the game for iOS 11.

    This is because of the major changes Apple has made with its latest operating System iOS 11 and the resulting changes and updates that unfortunately cannot to be made for the old Rivals app.

    We are very sorry about the circumstances and Apple’s decision to make such fundamental changes with their latest iOS version that lead to our decision.

    However in addition to the Rivals/Duel introductory game already available for testing in Catan Universe, the development team’s next priority after the mobile app for Catan Universe is adding the full Rivals game to CU. At the time I cannot give you any info on a release date – however we’ll let you know via the forums and CU social media channels as soon as possible.

  • @Administrator Hi Guys - just downloaded the iOS version of CU and it looks amazing - great work! I do not seem to be able to play Rivals in offline mode or locally against an AI opponent. When will Rivals be available to play offline / locally (single player)? Thanks!

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