Complaint about player using 2 additional users to boost his elo in games he plays

  • How do I file a complaint? How do I block a player? Guess I am lucky that this is the first time I have had to do this. It became quite apparent to me that one of my opponents had also registered the other two players so as to control the game and boost his elo. A very strange experience.

  • administrators


    Please use the in-game reporting function or send an email to

    If possible, please add some additional info ion the game, e.g. names on the participating players, time played, a brief description on what happened and we will investigate. Thanks!

  • well, now I know how to block a player or report him. I guess there is no point at this time going through with my complaint, although I wish there was a way I could block him. I still may follow up with my screen shots and a complaint at a later time.

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