I am still in game for about 12 hours! Can't do nothing

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    Yesturday i start play the game with humans. 4 players. When one of them leaved - game frozen. Red bot try to trade, but dont skip turn. I tried to reconnect twice and went to sleep. But this morning game still here. If i leave - i lose my ELO. I dont want do this. Help!
    @Developers @administrators

  • I guess AI does not get affected by the turn timer. Very easy to abuse. I guess one of the players is not responding to the trade offer intentionally to prolong the game.

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    @Stroom no, bot have timer too. There is some bug here right now

  • administrators

    @m4e If you are the only player left you wont loose ELO if you leave this game. We obtained the session ID and will look into it to find out what went wrong.

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