How I think the dice should work.

  • @administrators , Please, can you tell me your opinion and the difficulties you would meet?? Do you like it?? Is it implementable??

  • administrators

    @Alexinho25 Thanks for the discussion in this threat. It could be possible to implement something like you mentioned here.

    But unfortunately it is not that easy.

    For one: To create something that feels like rolling the dice you would have to add something like a physics engine to the game. (If you want to be true to the fact that you want to simulate a dice roll and not just add a nice animation)

    Physics engines are cool per se but not without flaws. Also they are mostly quite resource heavy.

    We as developers have to balance between what would be cool and what brings extra value to the game.

    As i said it would be cool but the costs to implement something like that in a proper way won´t justify the extra value we would add.

    We already published other games using dice. Including a game which is only dice based. We added a nice little option where you can shake our phone to roll the dice.

    The result: People didn´t used it after a certain time in the game. Because hitting a button is faster and more conveniant. Also we got the same claims that our dice are rigged ^^

    But not to be fully dismissive about the discussion here: We are currently evaluating what could be done to make our Catanias feel more confident about the RNG in our game.

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