Players cheating, admin help

  • Edit by @administrators: please do not mention user names in the official forums when referring to possible violations of our code of conduct ... is two player i run into all the time that is clearly the same player( Edit by @administrators) its using a second account(Edit by @administrators ) to collude and cheat, just please watch any game of theirs, both accounts always in the same game and every game its the same thing, (Edit by @administrators)trading 5-6 sometimes all of his cards for 1 card from Edit by @administrators . They will trade every round for clearly lopsided trades and only with each other. if you just watch one game you will see how blatant the cheating is.

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    @tanvirulh1 Thanks for the info. Please report such players via the in game tool ( click on the avatar and choose report). The report will include the game log as well as the chat log ( up until the point you are sending the report) among other things, to make it easy for us to identify such a blatant attempt to cheat in the game.

  • Is it possible to report a person if the ingame reporting wasn't used? i just had the guy giving all of his resources to the second guy so he could win. I do have a screenshot.

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    @nafrljator You may of course report a player by sending a message (and screenshots) to

  • Having seen this post, maybe I will get around to reporting the time this happened to me. I didn't know how to report someone or block them before I closed out of the game as I had never had a problem before. I guess you can't do it resources-wise, but if you think this type of activity is happening, posting the entire game on your website for us to see and comment on would allow us all to draw our own conclusions and refuse to play him/her if that player shows up at the beginning of one of our games.
    By the way, you should consider enabling us to attach screen shots to these posts to make it easier for us to get you feedback, particularly on an issue like this. Although you couldn't let my fellow composers see the screenshots just like you edit out names, I think most of us could figure out what was happening. At the very least, people like me could let off a little steam.

  • How i can raport rude mesages? I have screenshots.

  • @Irenaa
    During the game, you can click on the players avatar :princess: with right mouse button. You see a menu (ask for friendship, mute, block, report) and choose report.
    Immediately after the game, but before leaving, you can click on statistics :bar_chart: button. the avatars of the players :man: :older_woman: :princess: appear, and you can click on little icons next to it. :princess: :heavy_plus_sign: :no_entry_sign:

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