base game very buggy over last two weeks getting worse each day

  • Too many bugs to repeat here. Already posted twice in the community forums with no response.
    I use a macbook pro and had few problems until two weeks ago. Are you no longer supporting macbooks? Problems are really bad now. Hope you can fix it. If someone emails me, I will be glad to detail them, but I have sent a lot of emails with no response to Gregor. Hope you can help me or at least let me know to stop using my mac.

  • administrators

    @whuffo The support regarding macbooks didn´t change on our ends. Please note that the official support email is since the commercial release. Our colleagues from the support will do their best to help you out. If there are issues we need to resolve they are in close contact to our developers and will forward the issues to them.

  • Thanks for the info. If problems continue, I will follow up with the support desk you have given me.

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