A payment that's gone missing.

  • I have a problem with a payment I made through Steam for Catan Gold last night (Saturday 02 September 2017). I have the Steam receipt for the payment of GBP£3.99 but from 1130 today (Sunday 03 September 2017) I still have nothing to show for it except the Steam receipt and I am getting quite angry because this game's developers have thus far failed to respond to my post on the Steam discussion list. There was at the time several timeout and disconnect messages, however I was unable to leave the game and the problem resolved itself. However I am still out of pocket by £3.99 and having heard nothing from the developers am beginning to think that they're not interested, which is going to cause some trouble.

  • administrators

    @RobertLocksley For issues regarding the payment porcess please contact our support team via support@catanuniverse.com. Make sure you have the receipt either from steam or payment wall ready when contacting us. We will do our best to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

  • I have attempted to email that address and failed to open an email client in order to send a message.

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    @RobertLocksley You couldn´t open your email client?

  • I am having trouble pasting the email to this page and I can't email it directly as I am unable to open an email client to support@catanuniverse.com.

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