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  • In the post game stats, I really like seeing the dice distribution. One cool feature I think would be to have a chart within that bar graph of a different color to show how many times it was hit but the robber was on it. So for example, the chart would show for 6, 13 which is the total times but 7 within that shows that the robber was on 7 times out of 13.

  • couldn't agree more. recently played a game with a very high elo player and two sub 1000 players. high elo and i came in last, game was over in 45 rounds. Stats only showed being robbed once, but the robber was on my and the high elo's player 8 of brick the last 40 rounds. the number of rounds you have the robber on one of your resources as well as the number of times that number is rolled when the robber is on are two more significant statistics which are equally helpful as the one you already provide us with.

  • Stuff like this has been asked several times in the past. It was used in PlayCatan and it was indeed a very nice feature.

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    @Yeloow82 @whuffo Thanks for the input. We will consider a more elaborate statistics at the end of the game in future updates.

  • That is terrific. More detailed robber info will be very helpful to us who analyze the results of every game we play. Stroom, long time since I last saw a post from you. Look forward to playing with you sometime.

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    @whuffo Just to be clear ;) We already have planned out our next major update which have a different focus. But i put a pin in that topic for consideration as soon as we are going to tackle stuff like more competitive games ( tournaments and so on).

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