Racist Slurs

  • I encountered a racist comment from a user named [Edit by @administrators: please do not use user names when referring to possible missbehaviour in the game] ... it was bad, the person said that he/she travelled 79 countries but whats the use ? if he/she hasnt learned anything from those travels...iam sad and sick of ignorant people and that too talking all those even when we choose to play here a simple board game...Hope everyone learns ! :-(

  • administrators

    @AkAd1aN Please report player in game using the report option by clicking on the avatar. We will receive a full chat log of the game. We will investigate the case and act according to our code of conduct.

  • Thanks Admin ! i actually did send a report as soon as it happened. :-) well , even if you manage to get him/her out of this game community , iam just worried about the person's ignorance more than anything else. I dont mind playing with him or her again but its just that the person is reluctant to learn and respect everyone ..:-) Life is short , live it in peace and spread the love and respect all and make as many friends as you can rather than hurting and disrespecting , even if its online..!

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