Timeout error bug

  • The new update for PC has even more bugs. This one made me lose 15 ~elo to two noobs and wouldn't let me play the game:

    I can't play a single session without bugs or crashes and still it seems that the developers can't do anything with it.
    Can I have my 2 bucks back?

  • administrators

    @fo-fo Could you please give us info on how you are connected to the internet?

  • Ethernet with wi-fi router

  • And why is it said now that my account is blocked? =(

  • Moderators

    @fo-fo The account is automatically blocked for an hour after too many failed attempts to enter the password. Now you should be able to login again.

  • Nope, I still can't log in. "Access denied. Account is blocked" . It already lasts for 2 or 3 days I guess. Can you handle this problem? I wanna play again, despite of all these bugs =/
    It's bigger than me... ;D

  • administrators

    @fo-fo You should check you mail for a statement about your account from our support team ;)

  • lol, do reports works? ;D I hope a lot of people have been banned due to my reports as well.

    Sure I use abusive language when some real shit happens in the game (can I use word Edit by @administrators: no you can´t! on this forum without being banned?), but most of the time I stay calm and don't chat at all, so it is strange that I was chosen to be banned :(

    By the way, how do you investigate the reports? How do you tell the true one from the false? Do you have some automatic system or do you read all the chats?)) It is very subjective issue, in my oppinion.

    In the e-mail from your support team it is said "Your account will automatically be blocked for one week, effective from now". E-mail is dated 4th September, but I haven't been playing Catan since 1st September (cuz I gotta go to school). How is it possible to block me 3 or 4 days after my last game? :(

  • administrators

    @fo-fo The reports include the entire chat log of the game as well as the game log and other infos about the game. All reports are checked closely. That is why it can take time to until a sentence is spoke,.

  • So a month has passed and nothing done?


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