single player game, computer never trades!

  • I've played many games since your recent reboot and I cannot no matter what the circumstance get the computer to accept any trades whatsoever.

  • administrators

    @jerroh1 The AI tends to stop trading with the player in the lead. Could this maybe the case?

  • No, I've played many many games with the computer and it used to trade. Now, ever since, the recent reboot, it never ever trades whether I'm winning or losing or offer 1 resource, few resources, or all of my resources.

  • administrators

    @jerroh1 This seems strange. does any other player experiencing the same behavior of the AI?

  • Every single player game I play, the computer will never trade with me. No matter what I offer. I can offer every different number of every different resource and never once has it traded since you guys rebooted a few weeks ago. It used to always trade with me before that. Now, not once. I can try to trade a whole city for a single resource and nothing. Or, I can try one resource or two, or three for one and nothing. This is CaK single-player game. No good any more. And, when getting rid of resources now, you can not click on one and then change your mind and click on it again and give something else. That's a new bug too.

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