Prevent the AI from trading with people who are near winning and robbing people who are doing poorly in the game already.

  • The biggest current flaw of the AI right now is their unrealistic play when it comes to trading and robbing that unlike their human counterparts, doesn't take into account the players current scores. There has been too many times when an AI has traded with someone that has 8 or 9 points in a game to 10 points. This just does not happen when playing against only humans. And the AI does not appear to take scores into account when robbing opponents. I've seen the AI rob someone with 3 points over someone who had 8 or 9 points too many times. And again, this is a scenario that just does not happen with human opponents.

    So please consider changing the AI to be more human-like when it comes to trading and robbing by making it take into account the amount of points their opponents have before deciding to rob or trade with them. Every time I play an online game and a human opponent leaves I groan because I know we're now going to have an AI whose going to make these robbing and trading decisions that lack common sense. It really throws off the balance of the game, in a bad way.

  • I could not agree more. Thank you @Phoenix God Emperorl for reporting this.

  • administrators

    We will take a look at our AI and see if it´s decision making process isn´t correct regarding the mentioned issue. But it is possible that the AI steals from players that are behind in VPs if it needs a certain resource e.g only one player has.

  • Just played a game where Al robbed from me everytime. Even with a player at 9 points. Please fix this or as I said on another string. If a player leaves, it should be non-rated or not lose ELO. Al is not smart enough to mimic a human player.

  • @Administrator

    Maybe it the player has a resource, but you know as soon as a player drops and the AI joins the game is going to suck after that. It seems like a great idea to allow games to finish, but the real result is the game is messed up, because the AI starts robbing people 2-3 points behind the lead multiple times in a row, and trading with the leader, and also making stupid moves... basically ruining the game and handing it to the leader. I'd quit if I didn't think I'd lose points. [And unfortunately, with the disconnect issues due to quitters, connection problems, or software bugs, the AI is needed more often than not]

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