Prevent AI from trading with players who are close to winning and robbing players who are way behind in points.

  • The biggest current flaw of the AI right now is their unrealistic play when it comes to trading and robbing that unlike their human counterparts, doesn't take into account the players current scores. There has been too many times when an AI has traded with someone that has 8 or 9 points in a game to 10 points. This just does not happen when playing against only humans. And the AI does not appear to take scores into account when robbing opponents. I've seen the AI rob someone with 3 points over someone who had 8 or 9 points too many times. And again, this is a scenario that just does not happen with human opponents.

    So please consider changing the AI to be more human-like when it comes to trading and robbing by making it take into account the amount of points their opponents have before deciding to rob or trade with them.

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