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  • If you have more than 7 cards and a 7 is hit, if you select a resource it will not allow you to go back. When you are trading you can use that little arrow and reset the resources to 0 and start over. In the robber, if you select something by accident, you can't reset to get it to go back down. I know previous you could click high or low on the resource to either add or subtract, but that's not available now. Hopefully I am not missing something, but that is a huge issue if not.

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    @Yeloow82 Thanks for the info. We will investigate the issue since you should be able to change certain resources you want to "give" to the robber

  • I too am running into this issue, only recently.


    1. Robber
    2. Getting cards from Gold ( I think)

    Still fine:
    Trading with others (AI and human)

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    @BobPlop Thanks for the clarification.We are currently looking into it.

  • I encountered this (cannot decrement choice on a robber) today using 1.3.0-868e3b31e on a Mac. I managed to work around it by closing the dialog a couple of times. I could very well have done something else to clear the state before opening the dialog that worked.

  • Any word on this? Its very easy to replicate as it happens 100% of the time

  • I have had the same issue. Not having luck with that little arrow device.

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    @BobPlop It is on our to do list for the next update.

    For your understanding:

    Unfortunately we can´t fix every issue right away and roll out a hotfix for it. That just would not be efficient for us. We collect these bugs in a tool and rank them by severity.

    For hotfix planning we check this database and try create the "best bug-fix package possible". This includes considerations on what aspect of the game is affected by the bug , were in the code do we have to optimize and can we get other things done while we are at it.

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