Catan Universe 1.3.0 City Developement Issue CaK. in WebGL

  • Dear Catanians,

    we are aware of the issue in the WebGL version of Catan Universe. Our developers found the source of the issue and we will be able to provide you an hotfix for that tomorrow.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • administrators

    Today Aug. 18th at 1 PM [CEST] we will deploy a hotfix to resolve the issues with the WebGL Version you reported since yesterday.

    The Hotfix will resolve issues with the pop-ups which caused the game to stop when developing a city or exiting a finished game.

    Please make sure to reload WebGL version at about 1:30 PM [CEST] to make sure you have the latest version of the game available.

    You know you have the right version when the version code 1.3.0-868e3b31e is displayed in the main menu.

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