bug when buying city improvement

  • The game crashes when I try to buy a city improvement..
    I spent a scroll to play the cities and knights expansion, and I play single player

  • Same thing is happening in multiplayer

  • Same here

  • Same here

  • Same thing, i am running windows 7 in a chrome browser. Didn't effect the people in my game who were running on steam.

  • same me too each time bug..... please correct that...

  • Moderators

    @vfcatan The developers were able to identify the problem; a hotfix is available for download. The hotfix will resolve issues with the pop-ups which caused the game to stop either when buying a city improvement (= your case) or exiting a finished game. Please reload the WebGL version to make sure that you play the most recent version of Catan Universe. You can check whether you use the correct version by verifying the version code displayed in the main menu: version 1.3.0-868e3b31e is the most recent version.

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