CONFUSED: Time out rules?

  • Hi all,
    I'm pretty confused about the timing out rules. Normally if I don't make my turn within 60-90 sec (not sure exactly how long it is), I get timed out and receive a message that if it happens 3 times I will be removed.

  • Sorry, continuing from first post:

    I have been in several games where players make no move for 5-10min, and they do not get timed out. Then when I quit the game, I lose karma... What is going on??

  • administrators

    @getoffme4 we are aware of issues with users loosing the connection to the servers and the game doesn´t proceed in a timely manner. We are currently working on fixes for that issues. The first ones already are being tested with positive results by our QA. We schould be able to provide you with an patch in the near future.

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