Ore for wool

  • When the scenario Ore for wool is played, its always the same setup (numbers and resources).
    This is getting annoying.

    When I selected in auto match another scenario (first island or harbormaster), i still get the scenario Ore for wool (with the identical setup).

    Can this be fixed please?

  • still no responds, thanks for the support :)

    yesterday i played 4 time in a row this same map. this is getting very frustrating.

    I hoped that this would have been resolved after the update, but no interest in the feedback of the users.

    I was thinking about buying the seafarers but if this is the support you give to your clients..

    Please resolve issues first!!

  • administrators

    @domienr As mentioned on other topics regarding this issue the ore for whool scenario has a fix set up so the game play mechanics don´t suffer from a random generated board. This is solely due to the special "task" of this scenario.

  • that is really lame. You need to upgrade this game mode then. Its always the same.
    I could make easily 7 other setups to make this mode interesting.

    When i select the other game modes in the menu, i still get this ore for wool setup.
    I don't want to play this anymore.

    Can you fix the option menu then at least?

    If i leave, its not fair for other players of course.

  • administrators

    @domienr You deselect the Or for Wool scenario and still get matched in it?

  • @Administrator that's right

  • administrators

    @domienr Sorry for that maybe very obvious hint but deselected scenarios have the color white. Is this the case?

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