When will Tournaments be held?

  • Hi there,

    I can see that one of the game mode options for the base game is Tournaments. Are there any plans to run these in the near future? What would I need to do to qualify for a tournament?


  • From what I have gathered:

    Tournaments are coming in the future. Like the mobile versions of the game, other expansions etc. No definitive date yet.

    You have to pay with scrolls to participate in the tournament. So once you have used all your scrolls you get for levelling up (like about 16 scrolls total for free which are probably used by most players by now) you have to pay to buy the scrolls to participate.

    I guess it makes much more sense to organize unofficial tournaments like they did with the card game a while ago. Takes more effort for one person but at least it will be free.

  • Ok. Cheers for the reply @Stroom.

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