Player doesn't place village at start of the game

  • I'm in a game where a player doesn't place his village. This forces me to quit the game. As a result my Karma and ELO will drop.

    Edit by @administrators: Please do not post players names when referring to possible misbehavior in the game.

  • administrators

    @sboesten We are aware that there are some issues regarding the correct communication between the players clients. But we were able to track down the causes for that and are working on solutions. Thanks for you report and understanding.

  • Shouldn't your server kick out the player whose turn it is in a case like this? Even if someones client crashes, other players should not be affected by this - the game manager (server) should still kick the player and let the game continue eventually.

  • administrators

    Yes it will kick the player but the issue we are resolving right now is that this info somehow doesn´t get communicated correctly to the other clients. That is why you don´t see the game progress properly.

    What we are working on right now is a system which will allow our clients (without the use of the servers) to communicate directly with each other. To put it simply; They will ask each other from time to time: Hey are you still there?

    If the other side doesn´t reply we will send a signal to the sever to refresh the game for every available client. We will see how this works out in our internal tests and let you know more about it as soon as we are ready to publish this patch.

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