Developers, please take a look at the dice.

  • I have been playing several games the last few days, and have been terribly upset with how the rolls are playing. Certain numbers will get rolled 4 times straight while other numbers wont get touched for 20 rolls. This is very frustrating to a long time, loyal Catan universe player. This never used to be a problem. Can you guys please take a look at the algorithm or whatever method is used for the dice rolls. Thank you!

  • In the earlier version of the game, the default setting was completely random, so every number 2-12 had an equal chance of getting rolled. In order to have the numbers reflect their actual probabilities, players had to unable "dice mode."

    Since the update, dice mode is always in effect even though it says it is not. That means 6 and 8 are most common, 2 and 12 are least common, etc.

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    @getoffme4 i don´t know where you got your info from but your statement isn´t true. Non of the updates since the release included any changes on the RNG.

  • Fun fact: did you know that if you take two six-sided dice, and roll them 20 times, theres a better than 50% chance that you'll roll the same number four times or more, while not rolling a certain other number at all?

  • @Wilbert

    fun fact, did you know that getting 7 times in a row 9 is 1:~5,000,000
    and 4 times in a row 6-6 is 1:~1.7 million.
    yet, ive seen it in 3 days.
    didnt know im such an unlucky guy.

    say whatever u want to say, this game is being manipulated by "karma" easily.
    odds are odds.
    they shouldnt be messed up with karma. specially if it affects other people but yourself.
    no such game in the world that is being affected by "karma" like this one...
    and you keep hearing stories over and over again and again.

  • Fun fact.. I play catan on a real board, and many times we rolled like 4's and 5's four times in a row. It can happen my friend.

  • @bfarooq

    my friend, you should learn math to know that rolling 12's 4-5 times in a row, isnt like rolling 4's and 5's the same..
    rolling the number 5 .. for 5 times in a row is 1 to 59,000.
    rolling 12's for 5 times in a row is 1 to 60,000,000.
    dont you even compare those numbers before u learn a basic math.

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