BS dice rolls - Impossible to do anything but lose - might as well not play

  • My last game ... so much fun ... complete BS dice rolls: 8, 8, 9, 10, 8, 10, 8... with one guy sitting on those. What's the point of even finishing the game and then you get hammered with ELO loss when really there was nothing you could have done but watch. Literally getting no cards at all for rolls and rolls and rolls. Complete non-sense. Makes the game crappy and nothing else.
    alt text

  • Typical situation, just keep playing. There are some games that you couldn't win because of the dice, but not so much.

  • This distribution is not even that bad. This is how most of the games run. I can't really see everything on that map but it seems like grey initial placement was the best one for the map anyway. Red building on that 8 brick wheat port seems useless for instance.

    And that's why any kind of ELO metric (since you mentioned it) is completely pointless. Only over hundreds of games you might be able to see what your average ELO over time is. You really should not care about the ELO at all. It does not matter at all.

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