Doesn't load and gives creepy starting screen

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  • administrators

    @KuM4M0n Can you please give us more info on the way you are connecting to the internet? Are you using a wifi connection or are you connected via cable?

  • wifi connection

  • administrators

    @KuM4M0n Thanks for the info. Are we talking about isolated issues or does this happen to you all the time?

  • It has happened 3 or 4 times. Randomly.
    I have also more commonly had launch screens stuck and never going to the game.

  • @KuM4M0n

    this happens to me too. it is not my internet connection, because i can navigate the web in another window.

  • administrators

    @Figg Do you also use a wifi connection? This could be caused by short connection losses especially if the host of the session is affected. We are currently working on the net-code to minimize theses kind of behavior. The next update should bring the first solutions for issues like that.

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