is it really unpsorting gameplay?

  • I was accused for unsporting behavior, and then teamed on by other players. we started talking about the case, and it seems that we disagree. could you guys judge? the situation was that nearing the end of the first round of barbarians, I built a second city, which caused everyone to lose a city. the second city was a 6-9-9, with 6 being sheep, and the nines wood and ore. my first city was obviously nothing as good as that. I was accused for unsporting behavior, and maybe even blocked, because "I built a city I could not defend and making the game longer." what do you think? a legitimate strategy or "playing like trump", as they called it?

  • If you hurt other players more than you would have gained if you hadn't made that move, it was a valid thing to do. If a player manages to pull ahead with expansion on the board, it is really hard to stop him. So hurting someone early is better rather than actually waiting until the advantage is too obvious.

  • which means you think I'm right :) thanks

  • This game is war. You have to do anything to win. Build one city to lose 3 city - one of the best tricks in early game.

  • It is abslout a valid tactic. If someone complains, feel lucky, if they put you on their igno, so you avoid to play against those "mi-mi's" again...
    Catan is a war game and everything, which is not excluded in the rules, you can do.



  • This is my favorite vicious trick ! Having everybody losing its city, while you still have yours is awesome. You get so much ahead in your city improvements, that you can collect a lot of progress cards and usually end up with 2 metropolis, by the time they get their cities back and can reach a competitive level.
    Don't worry, this is one of the best move at C&K. Absolutely nothing to do with unsportsmanship. The admin will NOT bar you for this.

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