Tutorial Confirmation Button Issue

  • Some of the item build confirmation buttons are not visible in the tutorials using the Browser platform. I have tried using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on both Windows 8.1 and 10. Specific buttons:

    Base Chapter 2 New ground: Confirming road build around the Wood 6.

    Base Chapter 5 The first city: Confirming city build at the 6-3-4 intersection.

    Seafarers Chapter 2 To the sea: Confirming ship movement between sheep 8 and wheat 6.

  • administrators

    @derfrent Thanks for the report. Are you playing in full screen mode or in the little window. Could you also please tell me the resolution of your screen?

  • Any ETA on when you will fix the Tutorial? I really want to play it but I can't advance in Base Chapter 2 ... :(

  • administrators

    @Kronoan We are doing our best to integrate theses fixes in the next update.

  • Thanks! I really hope you fix it! :)

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