Match froze, wait for minutes and nothing happen, lose elo and karma...

  • So this happened twice today.

    Suddendly a player looks like dc and nothing happen. I can chat with other players, except the one absent.
    I refresh my window in my browser, come back to the game and nothing is still happening.
    After 5 minutes I decide to quit the game, but I lose Elo and karma...

    This is pretty unfair.

  • Pretty standard - happens all the time to most people I'd say.
    This game is just a big ball of bugs and you want your money back, but now they have it you are not going to get anything in return ... A BIG SCAM :O)

  • administrators

    @Holderlin Hi there, during the latest fixes we found an issue in the netcode which could be the cause of issues like you described. To fix these issues is our number one priority! We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause right now but we are on it!

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