I can't win in single player anymore?

  • I usually win in single player, so I don't like to play it because it's not very challenging or fun. Since it's hard to find people on CaK to play live with, I have to play single player a lot, but due to the recent bugs, the game freezes and kicks me out as soon as I win a game. In the system, all of my games are incomplete, because it refuses to allow my win to complete the game. I am so tired of all of this freezing nonsense anyway. Are we going to get a patch or not? God knows @Administrator has enough of our money from buying the game and expansions!

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    @ktnatlparks The 'Win' screen issue has already been reported by other players - we are aware of it. We are currently working on a solution.

  • administrators

    @ktnatlparks Have you checked the game after the latest update today? the issue should be resolved by now. Thanks for your patience. This bug was not that easy to identify and resolve.

  • Yes, this problem has been fixed! Thanks!

  • @Administrator said:

    issue should be resolved by now. Thanks for your patienc

    The issue has returned

    game now freezes after the win/lose screen

  • administrators

    @tiyuli Are you playing in the browser version? have you tried to clear the cache of your browser?

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