Cross Platform for all devices

  • Question for my fellow Catanians:
    If I buy the app on the windows store, and my friend buys the app on the Apple Store and my other friend buys the app on the adroid market, will we be able to play Eachother on our respective devices?
    Essentially is CU cross platform compatible?
    Thank you

  • So far CU is only playable on PC. In the future the game should be playable cross-platform.

  • administrators

    @YongeNore It is right what @Stroom said. Please note: The Apps available at the moment are not compatible with Catan Universe. But as soon as the game is released on mobile, it will be possible to play against your friend using an Android phone, the other using iPad and you on your PC or Mac. It will also be possible for you to download the game via the stores, login with your account and use all the expansions you already unlocked on another platform. FYI: That is one reason among others why the game is marked as free to play. No initial download costs for our users. You switch your phone from Android to iOs .. no problem ;)

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