How to play with a friend in an auto-match?

  • I'd like to play with one of my friends in a public auto-match with other players? How do I do that? Because if i check the "friends" box it will only match with friends, and since you need 3 players, it doesn't work..

  • You can not do that. The developers are afraid that you would just team up against the other player(s) when you queue the matchmaker together. So you can only play when you play with 2-3 other friends.

  • @Stroom the game is about trading and teaming up is a part of it (in real life board game) and it also allows to "whisper" to other players which also allows to team up with others even if they are not your friends, so i dont get whats the problem with playing with friends as well as other random players..

  • I agree that the game should allow a pair of friends play with strangers. I just repeated what @Administrator has told the community about this issue before. Seems like they are afraid more about the small percentage of game abuse rather than giving honest players more freedom. This is evident from the various posts in the past. But this is their game and they can do what they want about it. Maybe if enough players demand a feature, it will be implemented. So far, it will probably stay as it is.

    Yes, teaming up in some cases is justified. BUT if two players decide to completely block out the 3rd player because he is not a "friend", it completely removes the joy of playing for that player. Just no way to win if the robber is constantly on your hexes. Even if the player is nowhere near winning anymore and the other leaders still steal from him for wrong reasons makes the game pointless. Ideally, everyone should play for themselves to win. Short-term alliances are OK. The game is not meant for players to make long-term alliances, though. If you see that the person who you were allied to a turn ago is now very close to winning, you should cancel the alliance and bash the leader to prolong the game and try to win for yourself later in the game. Cases when a player is intentionally helping the leader to win is considered king-making and is generally frowned upon.

  • @Stroom ok thanks, makes sense, but it still sucks