Dice mode BUG

    1. It should be renamed into deck mode otherwise it is frustrating. Cuz when u select it the description tells tha you would be playing with a deck of 36 instead of rolling 2 dices. Or am I getting something wrong?
    2. It does not work properly. I just played a game where in 25-30 turns from the beginning of the game (means fresh 36 card deck):
      a. We rolled 0 sixes whitch I I guess is XTRMLY UNLIKELEY
      b. Not only that but we rolled 2 deuces whitch is IMPOSSIBLE cuz there are only 1 deuce int he deck

    Please fix it! Me and my friends hate playng with the dice, we want to play with the deck!

  • The stack/deck mode could be some kind of modified one - you have 36 cards but maybe 1-6 cards are removed to have some kind of randomness in the game. So after 30 rolls, the deck is created again, all cards shuffled, 6 removed.

    All this info should be visible when starting a game. When you play, all game mechanics should be clear from the start. Like a window explaining all special rules for the current game.

  • administrators

    @Sexy-Hero Have you checked the Almanac in game for the detailed description on how the dice mode works? In short we moddified the card stack by using 2 decks which are shuffled and 18 from each are removed. After that the two remaining 18 cards are shuffled back together to a 36 cards stack. We do this so the games wont get totally predicable.

    Apart from that: We agree the mode should have a better title and yes we are working to bring ore info to the player before a Match starts. In order to to so we will adapt the so called vs. Screen before the match.

  • @Administrator Thanks for reply!

    I have not checked the Almanac for very ovious and logical reason. The game is named Klaus Teuber CATAN! I have been playing this game for 13 years and trust me I know the rules. I also noticed that on your main page in the web it says

    "The Original Board Game
    Play according to the original board game rules - trade, build, and settle."

    So that is what I was expecting to see in the game. As I can see from your reply you are aware of the ORIGINAL rules for the deck variant of the game. I dont say that you can not try to improve the rules for one of the best selling board games in the world (whitch is a bit ambitious imho but thats none of my business). But at the very least you have to provide old fans with the possibility to play the game as it was designed by Klaus Teuber. Especially when you claim it on your promo. I already paid money for the game with all the expansions just to know that I cant play it the way I enjoyed it for 13 years.

    I would also like to add that the whole point of the dice deck was to reduce variance and make game more predictable thus more strategicaly deep. And it was not TOTALLY predictable (as you said) cuz there still was:

    1. randomization of the cards in the deck
    2. 5 cards were removed from the deck

    And even if it was may be Klaus know better than you guys? If you think his rules suck thats fine with me but at least make them available along with your own rules.

    To sum it up.
    Please first make all the original rules variants available (also friendly barbarians + nasty mode etc) starting from the original dice deck. At least without special events cuz I understand that would require some additional coding and testing and for the deck you have everything ready in your code at least that seems so from your description of the current algorythm.

  • I also would very like to see original "card mode", when 30-36 in deck.
    Your way is too dispersive, we played like 50 turns with no 6 on a dice.
    Thanks in advance

  • @Sexy-Hero Wait till they give you their excuse for why you can't trade the way Catan was designed (2:1, etc) and play on a board the way Catan was designed (spiral method of numbering the tiles so you don't get these silly and unbalanced 5:5 and 9:9 intersections and the likes). It'll be a doozy. Scary thing is they actually consult with the Teubers on these kind of things!

  • @Poisonguy What do u mean by not being able to trade 2:1? Can you elaborate please cuz I had not found any problems trading in this game.

  • @Sexy-Hero Can you request 2 resources in exchange for 1 (i.e. you know that the resource your opponent is requesting is in short supply, so you request 2 wood for your 1 ore)? I didn't think so. Basically you can't, unless you use the chat function, which is a pain and time consuming. Wait till they give you the "trade preferences" option...that's the doozy. For years now, numerous people here have suggested that they implement a system that worked great at PlayCatan, which was to include buttons that said that a player wanted more, or they didn't have that resource, etc. But to no avail. The thing is, the mobile version of Catan allows you to ask for unbalance trades, etc, the way the board game was designed (AND numbers the hexes according to the default in the Catan rule book). But the developers just call us trolls and have refused to give us "purists" this option. But they aren't interested in what people have to say. They have the magic formula and the Teubers are directing the development, so there's nothing we can do. They know best, apparently. That's why so many people have deserted Catan Universe. To me, this development is merely a simulation of Catan. That's why I refuse to play it and a reason why it's got such bad reviews on Steam. They are trying to shove a mobile version of the game down your throat instead of developing a true PC platform. I mean, how difficult is it to develop a trading platform that doesn't obstruct your view of the island to some degree in a PC version?

  • administrators

    @Poisonguy said:

    @Sexy-Hero Can you request 2 resources in exchange for 1 (i.e. you know that the resource your opponent is requesting is in short supply, so you request 2 wood for your 1 ore)? I didn't think so.

    You can trade 2:1 or 12:1 with enough resources of one kind. You only have to click more often on the cards you want to trade with.
    You can also make "wildcard trades" like : "looking for 1 sheep"
    All other players can react to that and e.g demand 2 or 3 or 4 ... resources for it.

  • I think what @Poisonguy means is that you can not counter-offer in the game when it is not your turn. Of course the player whose turn it is can create all kinds of trade offers - 2:1, 3:5... But to reach the correct permutation of the resources to be traded is really hard in some specific cases.
    Example: What if I offer 1 wood and 1 sheep for 1 grain but the other player would ONLY trade if I offered 1 wood and 1 brick for that 1 grain? I would prefer not to trade brick, but if that is the only option, I would offer that trade. Also, I would not want to show other players that I have clay so it would be better if they propose to trade for clay and only then I would reveal that trade like this is OK. This kind of deeper trading strategy is completely removed from the current trading system. And I have mentioned that before.
    One option is to try all kinds of offers until someone accepts. But with a 1 minute/90 seconds timer limit and a response time of 5-10 seconds it is really hard to go through them all.
    You have to start chatting. But then someone might not speak English or German.
    Actually in current cases I have noticed that trades like this will just never happen. You would rather just end your turn than go through all trade offer combinations. Or you trade with the bank, although a cheaper trade combination was possible. This greatly influences the outcome of the game.

    Sorry for being out of topic but this is a reply to Poisonguys comments.

  • @Administrator So u show up 2 days later after my post and answer some random question that is off topic to the subject we were discussing?
    U even choose only 1 of @Poisonguy questions to answer. He was also talking about direct violation of rules in setting random map just in case you have not noticed that. Why dont you answer this one?

    And I still would like to hear devs positon regarding dice mode. I will sum it up again for ya this time with numbers for each question so u wont accidentaly miss anything.

    1. U claimed in promo on your official web site that:
      "The Original Board Game
      Play according to the original board game rules - trade, build, and settle."

    In fact you LIED to customers (random map creation, deck mode etc, not to mention tons of craches and bugs in a paid game)! So basically you using a good name of Klaus Teuber and Catan just ripped off people and STOLE money. I had not got what I was promised by YOU on YOUR WEBSITE. How are you going to solve this situation? Introduce proper deck mode? Fix the website promo to "Kinda original game more or less witha many wolnderfull bugs and exciting rule violations" and give my moneyu back? Something different?

    1. You ignored to answer when I was asking politely your opinion on this matter instead answering random offtop in 2(!) days after my post. Nice attitude and reaction timing! I suppose that this is a standard on this forum?

    2. I hope I found this thread before I payd ya: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/570/how-would-you-rate-cata-universe-1-10-scale

    Doesnt it bother you that every single person in that thred rated yo game below 5/10 with 95% giving it 2/10 or less?! May b you think they all are trolls?! Answer me how does that happened that there are 75 trolls inside a most popular thread on the forum and 0(!) lovers of your awesome game? May b there is a very slight chance that this game actually screams for some improvments?!

    Please be so kind and answer this 3 questions!

  • Habe gerade ein Spiel mit 53 Runden gespielt.
    Nicht eine 3.
    Nur eine 11.
    Ihr wollt uns veräppeln,oder?

  • @Stroom Yes, I was talking about counter-offers; bartering, the meat of trading. The thing is, both PlayCatan and Catan mobile have decent systems that approximate real-life to a much greater extent than this crappy trading UI.

    @Sexy-Hero Go put your complaint up on Steam. I bet you'll get a response from admins in seconds. They are very aggressive in trying to counter negative reviews on Steam. Here? Meh. Catan Universe, despite being on Steam, is just a beta version of the game where you have to pay. Seriously, has there ever been a single day since Catan Universe ended early access that there hasn't been a report of a serious issue like a crash, or freeze, or some crucial function of a game is not functional ? Each patch brings with it new problems. As many long time beta tester predicted when CU said early access was coming to an end: "You're not ready." Well, I think those people have been proven right.

  • administrators

    The modification for creating maps and the deck mode have been approved by the Catan GmbH. As over the years certain rules have changed we provided you with a card deck version that was originally used in PlayCatan to serve both as a limitation on the chance aspect of the game and limits its predictability. This has shown to be the best practices.
    True to the very basic board game no card deck should be available because the box only comes with 2 dice. No card stack included.

    We already had long discussions about the setup of the board but as mentioned it is approved by the Catan GmbH. The rule to setup a board was also originally designed because you had to set it up manually (out of the box). A method needed to be found to set up a board quick and random. The beauty of playing a digital version is that this is not necessary anymore. We set the table for you. Therefore we have the chance to set it up in a more random way.

    What you also might have noticed. Resource Crads are not limited no a certain number. In digital form we are able to give out as many resource cards as we want because you don´t have to print them and put them into a box. Again a "rule" due to the limitation of physical products.

    To say we scram people because you don´t like the way the board is setup or a special dice mode are worked in to the game doesn´t seem fair from a objective point of view.

    If i recall correctly this post is the only one about the dice mode (card stack)

    Rules like Friendly Barbarian or nasty mode aren´t known to me or my colleagues as official Catan rules. Can you elaborate what you mean by that?

  • @Sexy-Hero Check this thread out to see what they mean by "random!"


    @administrators And all "we" are asking for is to have the option to play on a board that places the numbers according to the default mode (spiral method), not completely replace this silly unbalanced 5:5 and 9:9 method (you have the capabilities; you do it for the mobile version. So the only reason is that you don't want to). I'd bet 90% of non-novices prefer it. And we'd like to be able to make counter offers. You say you can make 2:1 trades, but why aren't you allowed to make 2:1 counter offers? It makes zero sense. Tell the Catan GmbH I said so. Also tell them to look at the Steam reviews. Their experiment is failing. People know when someone's trying to shove a mobile version down their throats when all they want is a PC platform. And, btw, I have yet to give Steam a review, so you can probably add another very negative review to the count.

  • Regarding the card stack mode, it is quite different from the original formula which contained 36 cards been reshuffled after 31.
    The new version is equvalent to 72 cards been reshuffled after 36. So yes you can get no 8s or no 6s and possibly 12x 7s, in 36 rolls. This new version makes it slightly better by 3% as a statistician told me. So not much different from randomness. So this option is totally useless and should be modified or removed.
    Another issue on Catan Universe making this game unpleasant.

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