CaK cutting out ending game in Greater Catan

  • I have now played 2 games, both around 2 hours long, that have cut out on me at close to the end. The normal lags will happen, saying its one players turn when he has already gone, putting a hold to the game. I refresh and then cant get back into the game. It will say the game has ended. Also, I was playing this morning and it lagged out, popped up with a screen of code, and then didnt allow me to make a move. To spend 2 hours of your time playing a game that may or may not finish is the biggest waste of time... Please fix and know that your reputation for this online game is trash..

  • did it again!!!!! Im done playing this game. Its super unfortunate because this game is a lot of fun, and I really enjoy playing. Please fix

  • administrators

    @Joseph123 We added the latest hotfix today. Please check if the pop up is gone since that was also affected by the latest changes.

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