Catan Universe Hotfix postponed - Post for answer

  • Banned

    • Did you use the browser or the steam version
    • If browser: Which browser are you using
    • Which OS are you using (Windows version OSX Version)
      Windows 10 with last updates
    • Are you suing a Wifi connection to the internet or Cable
    • Which scenario and Matchmaking did you play (Singleplayer included)
      Cities & Knights Random scenario only
    • Which level are you in the game
      20 and Does not increase
    • Are Booster or Scrolls active
      Bay in steam all games pack
    • Did you played a single player match right before the game or do you have a save sate of at least one singleplayer game
      Multyplayers only
    • Have your tried to clear the cache (WebGl) and the issue is still persisting
      I restart game all the time before i start search the game. Sometimes i use a "check game files" of in steam

    But 2 of 3 games have bugs... Hope my information be usefull

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