Catan Universe Hotfix postponed

  • Dear Catanians,

    we are aware of the issues users reported us in the last week. Most pressing are the issues regarding the “Wedding-Card”, the “Longest Road” and the “Win-Screen”. We need a little bit more time to fix them for good since they are quite complex to reproduce for us.

    Unfortunately this means that this weeks´ scheduled Hotfix will be postponed until next week. We are doubling our efforts to find and resolve the issues. You can help us by giving us as much information as possible if you should encounter them.

    Information viable to us:

    • Did you use the browser or the steam version
    • If browser: Which browser are you using
    • Which OS are you using (Windows version OSX Version)
    • Are you suing a Wifi connection to the internet or Cable
    • Which scenario and Matchmaking did you play (Singleplayer included)
    • Which level are you in the game
    • Are Booster or Scrolls active
    • Did you played a single player match right before the game or do you have a save sate of at least one singleplayer game
    • Have your tried to clear the cache (WebGl) and the issue is still persisting

    We appreciate your feedback on this greatly. Thanks a lot.

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