A little change to numbers?

  • Hello all Catan universe players.I want to ask what you think about this.Before the game start numbers are turn off,so you don't see what numbers are where.After everybody place their first 2 settlements,numbers will flip so you see what number you gets after you put your settlements.If you played Catan on table,that's how you play it and i think it's better this way,to don't know the numbers.So?What you guys think?

  • This is a house rule. In real play you will always see the numbers before placements. Using this removes all strategy from the game.

    Catan is already having the Monopoly curse with new players being taught from day 1 to use game breaking house rules.

  • Well, i have the game in real life with extension and in the rules they say the numers are placed after you place the first 2 settlements.That's why i opened this topic:)

  • Where does it say that? In the base game it does not work like this. I have about 8 years of playing experience too.

    Only in seafarers expansion some numbers are hidden. But only on the islands which you have not explored yet. Maybe read the rules again :)

    Edit: Base game rules:
    Second, create Catan by placing the 19 terrain hexes on the table... Third, place the circular number tokens on top of the designated terrain hexes. Finally, place your settlements and roads.

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