freezes, freezes, ah and....freezes

  • Mainly playing seafarers and see connection problems in 30% of the games, AI freezes, endless loops on players, so on.

    You guys of the developer team should really make your brains smoke to stop that soon.
    It is always so disappointing to lose a game which is clearly dominated and even win a game, in which i wouldn't stand a chance.
    It's a horrible state of the game after so many days of release...
    If this does not stop, the bad publicity around your game, will break your neck...

    However, maybe think about alternatives to relogging, since your set the timer down after each relog. And I bet (!!) it is in 80% of the cases not a connection problem of the player... But you should think of chat commands with which player could resolve a connection issue via the console.

    Those commands should just manually work, in case the player activates the command and the console can detect a sign of a loop to resolve / reset a state.
    Maybe even a command which resets a turn, if all player agree.

    Anyway, do something, else those frustrating bugs will have horrible consequences for the reputation of the game!!

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