Game keeps crashing

  • So my gf and I are "trying" to play Catan on Steam, and the game keeps fucking up. The past few days, right when we both have like 10+ VPs, she will do a trade (2 humans, 2 AI) and the trade icons won't return any result. No X, no check, but that perpetual circle that people are still thinking. This is after I have already signaled that I wanted to trade (or not). Normally to solve this she would alt tab out and close the catan application and reload. Tonight, it froze during a trade, so she closed the app and reloaded, and things were fine. After it froze again a while later, so she alt tabbed out, closed the tab, and when she tried to log back in, she got an error message saying that the game had ended. Despite the fact that me and the other 2 AIs were still able to play.

    This isn't the first (or 10th) post I've made about game crashing bugs. What the fucking fuck is it going to take you devs to stop making a crashy game? If it keeps acting up I'm going to demand a refund.

  • So we tried to play again. The game is barely 15 minutes in, and already she is stuck and forced close the game and restart. Twice. And the game isn't even over yet.

  • Three times

  • Now she can't trade with anyone as she is running into the same problem in the original post, which is no one can see her trades. 2 humans, 2 AIs. So to get around this, she has to drop and reload

  • Oh and look at that, after 3? drops, the game automatically kicks her out and replaces her with an AI player.

    So this game is so fucking buggy she has to drop as the workaround, and if she does it too much then she is replaced. And this is after the devs told me to switch to Steam as it was more stable. motherfuckers please.

  • You should stop using that intolerable language or nobody will take you and your concerns seriously.

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


  • Not taking game crashes seriously because you are sensitive to language? great way to fix a game!

  • administrators

    @BobPlop We are aware of the current issues with the game an working full speed on a solution. But i will also have to ask you to edit your post and remove the foul language you initially used. Apart from that: We take every report serious and read every one of them. Sometimes it takes a little time to respond or the info given tells us that this is something we already aware of.

  • Then what would your solution or workaround be? Because it just happened again, twice, in a single game. The play order is Me, GF, AI, AI. Everything was fine until she noticed that her screen wasn't updating, and looking at my monitor, the game was progressing. Right now, the only workaround we have is to kill the catan process. In doing so, the exact same AI it froze on last time, after a full turn, it will freeze again on. So we kill the process a 2nd time. A full turn goes by (4 people play). It is now back at the AI, it freezes again (3rd time). She kills process. A full turn goes by, back to the AI, freezes again (4th time).

    It fucking freezes every full turn, requiring her to kill the process every time. And then at the 3/4th time, it kicks her out. The only thing we can observe is that the game is fine if we are on separate networks (her house, my house) but crashes if we are on the same network. And my network (fios) doesn't drop and is 55up/down, so it's not the issue.

    30 minutes of our lives wasted, as well as the money we spent too. This game has show stopping bugs and has since beta. It crashes in browers, it crashes in steam. It crashes more times than it's stable. Great coding guys A++ all around.

  • So I'm awaiting your answers to my questions. The game just kicked out my gf for lack of connection, even though she is in the same room as I am. Our wifi is a strong 55mb up/down, so speed and stability isnt the problem.

  • administrators

    @BobPlop Are you playing the browser or the Steam version of the game?

  • Steam, we both are. And its set to automatically update

  • administrators

    @BobPlop Thanks for the feedback. We are currently investigating the issue.

  • 3 years later. Still the same problems. "We are aware of the current issues with the game an working full speed on a solution."
    How do I refund this bad coded game?

  • I was stuck more than 3 times today. Someone faces network issue, the game gets stuck at the next player forever. Catan is world most sold game, its a shame the owners of the game are still not fixing the issue. We want refund. We want refund. We want Refund.

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