Series of freezes.....

  • I have encounter lots of errors and freezes in cities and knights as well as the original version for the past 3 weeks. For example, 1) game error or freezes while using different progress cards, 2) reaching the victory points, 3) building a number of roads, 4) building 3 to 4 city walls, 5) building 3 to 4 cities. There may be more, but these are the ones I have experienced. I can't go above level 20, because it keeps on freezing. Please fix and update all of us. Thanks!!!

  • I have the same issues. Hope that the devs are looking into it. Having to relog constantly is a killer.

  • administrators

    @yangs2 Thanks for the report. We are looking into the mentioned issues.

  • @Administrator for 3 years already :blush:

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