Middle Road CRASHES WHOLE Game

  • Achieving LONGEST ROAD, by adding a road in the middle, to** connect two existing stretches of road**, completely crashes game.
    Error message screen cap follows.
    Replicable. I've seen exact bug at least four times.
    Freshly updated Chrome, Playing against computer, First Island, the most basic game.
    (Might only be when somebody ELSE first had longest road.)

  • administrators

    @Herbert Thanks for the report. Do you recall if you reached 12 roads with that "middel" road? Also are you using a Mac or iMac?

  • I keep losing games because of the 12 road bug.

  • Same error for me; road 12+, sometimes less than 12 but building a spur. Looks just like Herbert's screen capture.

  • administrators

    @Polarity Thanks for the info we will look into it.

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