away from keyboard players

  • hi,
    alot of time i run in players who just leave their computer or stop playing. and you need to wait around 10 minutes for the computer will kick them out.
    im not talking about connection problems players but on those who just dont play their turn.
    now i had to wait about 10 min, if ill exit the game while waiting ill loose elo and karma
    but the game takes alot of time to auto kick.
    will this be improved at somepoint?

  • I think that most of the time the players are not really "afk" but their game just freezes and they do not recognize that. And instead of reloading the page and rejoining the game they just wait for something to happen until the players grow tired of waiting and leave. I you weren't already a member for six months I would have assumed the game freeze could also be on your side. But I guess with your experience you can already exclude this possibilty?

    Or do you specifically talk about the game start when the players are supposed to place their settlements?

  • actually
    when the game freezes you can refresh
    and than the other players get a messege that someone doesnt have connection
    and he can come back or not it takes about a min

    im talking about a situation that no connection problems. the play doesnt play. and than you have to wait a really long time for it to kick him

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