Seafarers Error Codes

  • Hi Developers, just played my first game of seafarers and near the later stages of the game (9 points onwards) there were error codes appearing on screen after I explore a treasure chest. the game freezes and doesn't respond. refreshing the page allowed me to rejoin the game, but it appeared to another player that didnt know what to do. she's still stuck (so the game is still stuck). I've taken a few screenshots in jpg format. can i send them to you somehow?

  • I tried playing "The Oases' and similar problems. Chests, unknown squares, even building a city causes the game to crash. Rejoin, try something different, crashes. Finally reach 12 points to win, crashes. Not sure what happened to Seafarers, but all versions are extremely crashy/buggy.

  • @Polarity Now, every time I get to 12 victory points it crashes

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    @Polarity In order to check the issues you reported, we still need some more info from you. Please refer to and answer the questions in your reply. Screenshots cannot be posted in the forum. They must be uploaded to an external file host service, and you must share the link to the screenshot file(s) in the forum.

  • @CatanUniverse_Mod Browser, Chrome; Windows 7; Cable; Seafarers, Single Player, The Oases scenario; Level 8; No booster/scrolls; Single Player is where the errors occur; yes, I have cleared.

  • @CatanUniverse_Mod It is the same error message you get when your road gets 12 or longer in Seafarers

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    @Polarity Thanks for providing the requested details. We'll check what's wrong here.

  • i have error each time when i finish the game...

    windows 7 on browser chrome

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