How many players does Catan Universe have?

  • Seems like there is no reply to this question on Steam forums. It would be really good for the players to know this information.

    Basically: How many active players does Catan Universe have? What other statistics can you show us?

    What interests me specifically:
    How many players do you have each day?
    How much time does an average and median player spend playing?
    How many games does each player play during each game session?
    How many players are online at any given time on average?

    How long does an average game last? Based on base game/expansions.
    How long does it take to start a game? For free games/base game/expansions separately.

    How many games are created with 3 players?
    How many games are created with 4 players?
    Is it different based on expansion or is it roughly the same?

    What is the ratio of completely free-players (default map is forced on them) to other base game players?

    What interests paying customers is probably:
    How many C&K and how many Seafarers games are started each day?
    How many players with one or both expansions are online at any given time (and not playing, in the lobby waiting for a game)?

  • Nothing will help create a foundation for lies like raw statistics. And I will forgive the admins if they don't trust your good intentions.

  • Ping! Any response, @Administrator ?

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