How long time we have to put up with this?

  • each 2-3 games i have a freeze for one of my opponent. reconnect cant help for 1-2 rounds or can not. Then game lost and i loose about 10 points!!!
    10 minustes ago in seems game after reconnect i see next:
    nothing happens - i reconnect - no active games - minus 10 pts!


  • Same shit. Such situations drives me mad.

    Why would developers sell the raw game with a lot of bugs? It is very disrespectful for the players.

    Right at the moment I am trying to beat the 1200 elo threshold and got stucked in the beggining of the game. And I guess this freezed player with ~1000 elo will take the points and I will lost lets say 10? 15? That equals 4-6 won games. Silly.

    Of course I realize that it's only a game, but these bugs appear very often and all this situation with bugs lasts for quite a long period. And it seems that developers won't do anything with this.

    It's a pity that players have to go through such negative experiences.

    Catan Universe fan

  • @fo-fo
    just see new bug im my last game as a winner

  • Ye, I had such bug too. But later on I got my points. So I guess It's just a bug of statistics presentation, not of calculations.

  • As we already noticed in another topic. We are aware of the wrong display of ELO at the end of the game. This is only a display issue and your ElO is no really deducted.

    It will be resolved in the upcoming updates.

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