first island only available scenario for Cities and Knights.

  • Why? I love C&K most because it expands upon other expansions, namely Seafarers, but the only option I have to play C&K is with first island. Others have told me that during the testing phase you could play most of the seafarers scenarios. What gives? I am playing with scrolls right now, and so far am more reluctant to purchase the game than I when I started playing only a day or two ago. Your board games are awesome but you have left much to be desired with this version. Please reply to this post and save me from a lot of disappointment.

  • So looking into older posts, this has been a problem since the testing phase ended. Really? That long and you have done nothing about it? I will probably continue playing your free version (if that remains available) for curing boredom, but your lack of concern for your fans has totally turned me off from investing anything other than a little spare time to this seriously flawed game.

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    @hellocataner In order to play the Seafarer scenarios with the City and Knights rule set you have to unlock the Seafarers expansions. This is analogue to the boxed board games.

  • i have all unlocked maybe 10 to 15 games for 1 that on first island

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