How to Register original Play Catan account for Catan Universe

  • I did not discover Catan Universe until it was too late to register my original Play Catan account. I had to register a new account to play Universe but I would still like to register my original and cannot seem to get it active even though it does prevent me using the same name/email.

    I used to play with family who would all need to register a new account as well if this cannot be resolved and we would all like to avoid that.

  • administrators

    @BluAsh You can only claim you PlayCatan Account name by entering the same account data you used in PlayCatan. Also in addition you must have been preregistered before the start of the early access. If you did both you should be able to claim your name. If not, it is possible someone else claimed the username already. You can reach out to our support via and we will take a look at our database and see if we can change your username according to your wishes.

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